Nose Pin Store in Jaipur

For most Indian women the nose pin is considered as a coming-of-age ritual to signify the blossoming of a girl to womanhood It has so been considered a sign of feminine elegance as well a part of Indian tradition like the bangles and the bindi As you travel across the Indian map, you’ll notice that almost every part of India has a version of the nose pin Not only does the style of the nose pin but also the placement of the nose pin varies across India. In northern parts it is worn on the left as the pressure point of the left side of the nose is said to enhance the fertility in women In the Nose Pin Store in Jaipur Southern parts though it is worn on the right or sometimes on both sides of the nose And that’s not all the women up in some of the Himalayan states sport their nose pin on their septum and resting above their cupid’s bow.

How do you pick a Nose pin?

You can pick a nose pin keeping a few things in mind including the budget your personal style and the occasion you are buying it for Accordingly you can choose from a traditional or modern nose pin design at thenawab.

Can I gift a nose pin?

A bridal nose pin makes for a very sentimental gift, while a more modern design nose pin makes for a unique gift for an edgy look Feel free to choose from a traditional or modern design depending on if your loved ones prefer a more traditional look or a quirky look.

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