Butterfly Ring in Jaipur
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Original price was: $360.Current price is: $180.



  • Stones – Polki Cut
  • Stone Clarity – SI1
  • Setting Type – Victorian
  • Colour – Golden
  • Stone Shape – Polki Cut
  • Stone Weight – 5.00 Carats
  • Metal Weight – 5.50 Gram


  • Original,
  • Durable,
  • Highest Quality


 Stone                  Stone Shape                        Colour         

  Polki Cut               Polki                                        Golden


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  • Butterfly Rings Are often delicate and elegan designed to showcase the beauty of a butterfly’s wings They can feature intricate detailing with the butterfly’s wings spanning across the finger or wrapping around the band These rings are often adorned with gemstones or enameled to mimic the vibrant colors of butterflies Some butterfly rings are more stylized incorporating abstract or artistic interpretations of butterfly Butterfly Ring in Jaipur wings while others aim for a realistic depiction capturing the fine details of the insect’s anatomy The symbolism of butterflies representing transformation grace and beauty makes butterfly rings popular choices for expressing personal growth or celebrating change in one’s life Whether you prefer a subtle and dainty design or a bold statement piece there are butterfly rings available to suit various tastes and occasions.
  • Absolutely Rings come in a multitude of styles designs, and materials They can be crafted for various purposes such as engagement rings wedding bands fashion accessories or symbolic adornments Would you like information on a specific type of ring perhaps an engagement ring a ring made from a particular material a ring associated with a certain style Polki-cut rings feature Polki diamonds which are unfinished natural diamonds with a rustic and raw appearance Butterfly Ring in Jaipur They are uncut diamonds that retain their original shape and surface giving them a unique and antique look These diamonds are often used in traditional Indian jewelry and are popular for their natural, unrefined beauty.
  • Polki-cut rings are crafted by setting these raw diamonds in intricate designs usually using gold or other precious metals These rings often have a vintage or traditional aesthetic due to the raw nature of the diamonds The setting can be ornate and detailed showcasing the irregular shapes and facets of the Polki diamonds They are prized for their charm and ability to add an antique and elegant touch to jewelry The raw and uncut look of Polki diamonds distinguishes them from the more polished and refined appearance of other diamond cuts If you’re drawn to unique vintage-inspired jewelry with a natural Butterfly Ring in Jaipur earthy feel a Polki-cut ring might be a wonderful choice to explore!