Multi Sapphire Necklace in Jaipur
Sapphire Splendor Handcrafted Natural 5-Line Sapphire Beads Necklace With Earrings
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Sapphire Splendor Handcrafted Natural 5-Line Sapphire Beads Necklace With Earrings

Original price was: $1,604.Current price is: $802.

  • Materials:-                     Stone
  • Gemstone:-                    Sapphire
  • Jewellery type:-            Earrings, Necklace
  • Style:-                             Boho & hippie


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“Sapphire Splendor Handcrafted Natural 5-Line Sapphire Beads Necklace With Earrings” is likely a high-end piece of jewelry featuring natural sapphire beads arranged in five strands or lines This type of jewelry is often characterized by Multi Sapphire Necklace in Jaipurits luxurious appearance and exquisite craftsmanship Here’s a detailed description that you might expect for such a piece:


Design: The necklace consists of five strands of sapphire beads offering a multi-layered opulent look.
Material: Made with natural sapphire beads each carefully selected for its color and clarity.
Bead Quality: High-quality sapphires known for their rich blue hue possibly with a hint of secondary colors depending on the source of the sapphires.
Length: Adjustable length to accommodate different necklines and preferences.
Clasp: Typically a secure and elegant clasp made of a complementary metal often gold or platinum to ensure both safety and aesthetic appeal.
Craftsmanship:- Handcrafted with attention to detail ensuring that each bead is perfectly aligned and secured.
Design: Matching earrings that complement the necklace possibly featuring single or multiple sapphire beads.
Setting: Earrings may be set in gold platinum or another high-quality metal matching the necklace clasp.
Style: Could range from simple drop earrings to more elaborate chandelier styles, depending on the design intent.
Additional Features:
Handcrafted: Emphasizing the artisanal quality
with each bead hand-strung and the piece assembled by  skilled jewelers.
Natural Sapphires: Assurance that the sapphires are not synthetic or lab-created maintaining the natural beauty and uniqueness of the stones.
Elegance: Designed to be a statement piece, suitable for special occasions such as weddings gala events or upscale gatherings.
Care Instructions:
Storage: Store in a soft pouch or a lined jewelry box to prevent scratching.
Cleaning: Clean with a soft cloth and avoid harsh chemicals to maintain the luster of the sapphires and the metal settings.
Ideal For:
Gifting: An exquisite gift for anniversaries, birthdays or other significant milestones.
Personal Use: Perfect for those who appreciate fine jewelry and want to add a touch of elegance to their wardrobe.
If you have specific questions about purchasing, caring for or evaluating the quality of such a piece feel free to ask Multi Sapphire Necklace in Jaipur available of original quality At pink galaxy we have jewellery in all varieties of different gems and stones


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