Chatting birds


  • Stone – Original emerald with white Diamond
  • Base Metal – Silver
  • Polish – Radium


  • Lightweight
  • pure metal
  • cost-friendly
  • Highest quality


Stone                                                               Plating                      

Original emerald with white Diamond           Silver

Polish                                                                Type

Radium                                                                Finger Ring


Nawabi Message – Get the company of goofy green emerald chatting birds and never be bored!


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  • This is the Millenials’ Period and We at Pinkgalaxy Have Worked Very Hard to make our rings extraordinarily lightweight, contemporary, and yet retain all of the timeless virtues of Indian gold. The satisfaction of jewellery is matched by simply touching and holding the jewel in your hands All of these products are remarkable because of their lightness and delicate nature Silver Bird Ring in Jaipur Because of  explicit diversity we  currently possesses a plethora of authentic antique jewellery at the nawabs  To name a few Thewa jewellery Meenakari jewellery, and Kundan jewellery.
  • To give more royalty to the jewels, the artisans incorporated unusual gems such as sapphire rubies diamonds, emeralds, and others Silver and gold jewellery were both popular in the past and we house a collection in both The jewelry’s style and design are determined by the embossing style The jewellery we create also has  distinct Jaipuri design and is available in both gold and metallic silver oxidised and radium finishes Silver Bird Ring in Jaipur.
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  • Each ring is meticulously handcrafted and one-of-a-kind.
  • Genuine semi-precious gemstones
  • Each item sold contributes to the survival of the jewellery business in rural Jaipur, India.


  • After each use, wipe your jewellery with a soft towel.
  • To avoid unintentional scratches, keep your jewellery in a flat box.
  • Do not submerge your jewellery in water.
  • Only use a soft brush dipped in jewellery cleaning solution to clean your jewellery.